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    Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors

    Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors provide a wide range of contract services to farmers and landowners in Cambridgeshire. Creating partnerships with landowners and farmers is an important part of our business. Whether you require a single service such as baling / straw stacking, or a more complete crop or farm management service, Kevin Johnson Contracting can help!


    In conjunction with Johnson & Morris - We have partnerships with many landowners and farms, which

    provide real cost and time savings, allowing farmers to concentrate on their efforts where they can be

    used most efficiently. From fertiliser to lime spreading. let us give you a quote.


    If you are interested in a more comprehensive agricultural management program, we will be happy

    to advise on the most efficient way forward for your farming requirements.

    Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors
    Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors
  • The Beginning - Kevin Johnson Contractor

    Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractor

    After leaving School in 1971, Kevin became a student at a farm in Glinton, where he learnt his trade dealing with

    Arable, Pigs, Dairy and Grass.


    In 1973 Kevin was offered a 6 week contract on a farm in Wittering, his work was of such a high standard that

    he ended up staying for eight years. Kevin's duties included drilling approximately 2000 acres a year, with the

    farms direct drilling contract business. The farm also had Pigs and Single Suckle Heard, as well as 600 acres

    of Arable and Grass.


    In 1981 Kevin Johnson Contracting was formed, consisting of a single tractor and direct drill, together with lots

    of enthusiasm and help from several people.


    In 1993 as the business grew, Kevin introduced Lime and Fertilizer spreading and the cutting of grassed areas/verges.

    Alongside Satellite Spreading, and Winter Maintenance which have been added to our ever growing portfolio.


    The services are offered directly to farms, local authorities or sub contracted through merchants.



    Cambridgeshire Agricultural Contractor

    Whole or part farm contracts considered.

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  • Our Services

    Forage Services

    Kevin Johnson Contracting offers a complete, or part Foraging Service from field to clamp for grass with forage wagons while whole crop and maize silage can be arranged. Using the latest machinery we ensure a longer forage chop and a well-consolidated clamp (NEW this year a 4 ton clam press) with minimum on site time.


    Skilled operators always man our modern agricultural and foraging plant, and your satisfaction is guaranteed at a competitive price. We can also arrange both round and square baling and wrapping of silage or haylage, which can also be carted and stacked if required.

    Lime Spreading

    Lime Spreading

    • All grades of Lime spread with Bredal Spreaders (at 12 metres).
    • Soil testing can be arranged with experienced fieldman.
    • GPS Mapping/Spreading for pin point accuracy with minimal waste.

    Arable Services

    Kevin Johnson Contracting has invested in the latest and most cost efficient arable machinery and agricultural plant to maintain your fields. Contracting out arable services such as harvesting, fertilising and cultivation can save you time and avoid heavy investment in machinery, which will be under utilised.


    With over 40 years of experience, Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors, based near Wittering, provides an extensive range of agricultural services including fertilizer, Lime, forage harvesting, hedge trimming and drilling.

    Hedge, Verge, Grass

    Hedge Cutting, Verge Cutting and Grass Mowing services are all available. Lime and fertilizer applications - whatever suits your needs.


    Our agricultural scale equipment can provide a very competitive service where relevant.

    Latest GPS Technology

    Today, Agriculture demands improved productivity and efficiency. Cutting costs, saving time and ensuring the entire agricultural enterprise is more efficient and accountable, is essential to compete in domestic and global markets.


    Positioning, wireless, and information

    technologies are changing the farmer

    relationship with the land, bringing them

    quite literally down to earth. Farmers can now

    manage every aspect of an agricultural operations to improve overall

    productivity and efficiency—from planting to harvesting, land leveling and literally work their land by the square foot instead of the square mile.


    • GPS farming systems provide precise guidance for field operations, or collection of map data on tillage, applications, planting, weeds, insect and disease infestations, cultivation and irrigation.
    • Machine Control systems automate equipment to save time and costs associated with field operators.


    Field data can be downloaded to office systems to analyze management practices and determine optimal strategies for infield operations. For example, a farming GIS database might include layers on field topography, soil types, surface drainage, subsurface drainage, soil testing results, rainfall, irrigation, chemical application rates, and crop yield. Once this information is gathered, you can analyze it to understand relationships between the different elements that affect crop production in a specific location.



    • Rape and all types of cereal drilled using KHUN Pneumatic Drill.
    • 6 metre Air Drill (tram lines).


    This is a complete service entailing mowing to rowing up, picking up with forage wagon and taking to clamp and clamping.


    Some of the advantages of a forage wagon is it has a longer chop length. Better for cows, more milk, higher butter fat has been achieved!

    Fertiliser Spreading

    Fertiliser Spreading

    • Straight, Blends, Salts, Bagged - .5 ton to 1 ton.
    • Fertiliser spread via Bredal or in the crop with KHUN mounted spreader.
    • Border spreading is included in service.
    • GPS Mapping/Spreading for pin point accuracy with minimal waste.
    Snow Clearance

    Winter Snow Clearance

    • Clear roads. car parks, walkway areas of snow and ice this winter. Spreader can handle all types of dry salt, and many other materials.
    • Latest GPS tracking technology.

    If you need any help please do not hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help!

    Agricultural Contractor Kevin Johnson
    Agricultual Contractor East Anglia
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Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors
Kevin Johnson Agricultural Contractors

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